Posthumously Award Harry W. Colmery the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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After World War I, our nation’s veterans returned to a country that had continued on without them. Without the skills needed to succeed in civilian life, they faced a life of unemployment and poverty. A few decades later, in an effort to help his fellow veterans avoid that plight, Mr. Colmery, a first lieutenant in the Army Air Corps in World War I, wrote the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944.

For the 70 years in which the G.I. Bill has been law, more than 20 million veterans have pursued a higher education, purchased first homes and successfully transitioned back into the civilian world after serving our country. Thanks to Mr. Colmery’s efforts, countless lives have been improved.

At Grantham University, we believe he deserves more than our thanks. He deserves to be recognized. He deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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